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To raise money for developing, implementing, and sustaining our community outreach initiatives, volunteers at Melvin Henry Center develop their job acquisition and maintenance skills by managing various raffles and event fundraisers.  Help Melvin Henry Center help others by visiting our ticket locations and buying a ticket today. 
Contact Walt: 301.807.5464
1st prize: Black Powder 50 Cal. Stainless Steel T/C Omega Dream Season/Bushnell 40mm x 3x9 variable scope
   2nd prize $400.00 cash

   3rd prize:$200.00 cash 
Nov. 22, 2012

$25.00 per Ticket
1/500 odds

Ticket Locations

Melvin Henry Center

1st prize: 1999 Harley Davidson Sportster; 3 month
 3 k warranty and 1,500.00 cash

2nd prize: $500.00 cash

3rd prize: 250.00 cash

 Dec 31, 2012

$40.00 per ticket
1/300 tickets

Ticket Locations

Melvin Henry Center
301.807.5464 Executive Director 301.807.5464