Melvin Henry Center is an IRS recognized Public Charity operating a thrift shop in which 100% of the work is performed without compensation and is a business consisting of selling merchandise which the organization receives as gifts or contributions.  All donations to Melvin Henry Center are tax deductible and provide relevant use for our efforts to address the educational and living needs of citizens of the West Virginia Panhandle.
Melvin Henry Center is able to sustain open and free access to clothes, shoes, toys, books, and various other household items because of a 100% volunteer workforce and people like Neil Bowers. Since learning of Melvin Henry Center's mission and seeing for himself our efforts to serve others, Neil has been advocating for our receipt and distribution of clothes shoes, and toys. Since Neil began advocating on behalf of those served by Melvin Henry Center, we have doubled the number total daily hits on Melvin Henry Center’s facebook page, increased the total number of Maryland hits on Melvin Henry center’s web site by 25%, and expanded Melvin Henry Center’s access to the construction materials necessary for accrediting our workforce training lab. 

Neil sharing his kind words and his time as a Mission Ambassador is a testament to the potential measurable social outcomes resulting from sharing the divine treasures of time and kind words.

Mission Ambassadors
Mission and Vision
​Melvin Henry Center is a 501 (C) (3) public charity whose mission is to serve adults with disabilities by expanding their access to workforce skills training, safe on the job learning experiences, and independent living options. Melvin Henry Center's vision is to increase the number of employment, small business, and living options available to adults in need by renovating and maintaining abandoned properties for use as accredited trades training laboratories, historical curatorships, and independent living facilities.

Meetings and Time Commitments
Mission Ambassadors meet with the Executive Director as requested or as needed to fulfill the Mission Ambassador’s function. The Mission Ambassador is committed to Melvin Henry Center’s conflict of Interest Statement

Length of Term
  Mission Ambassadors self identify how long they choose to advocate on behalf of Melvin Henry Center and typically involves ongoing activity or the completion of a specified project or initiative

Purpose of Mission Ambassadors
The purpose of the ​Mission Ambassadors is to help increase Melvin Henry Center's distribution of clothes, shoes, toy,s books, and other household items to Citizens of the WV and MD.
Christine and Norma Brill have witnessed first hand Melvin Henry Center’s growth and contributed significantly to Inwood's community’s awareness of Melvin Henry Center activities.

Christine and Norma have witnessed first hand Melvin Henry Center’s growth and contributed significantly to the community’s awareness of Melvin Henry Center activities. Through 2 years of yard sales and gifting of household items and clothes Christine Brill and Norma have not only been consistent customers, but have also helped with distributing clothes and craft projects to others. Christine’s and Norma’s advocating on behalf o f Melvin Henry Center has resulted in a 25% increase in our distribution of clothes and household items.  

Christine and Norma's sharing their kind words and faith in Melvin Henry Center's potential has had an immeasurable impact on our ability to create and retain regular customer sales.  Their kind words and active recruitment of vendors and consignments for Melvin Henry Center’s Barter, Bargain, Basement Clean out Spring Yard Sale continue to sustains Melvin Henry Center's presence in the community.
Christine and Norma Brill

The story of Melvin Henry Center not only includes the generosity of donors and the daily words and works of volunteers; the story of Melvin Henry Center also includes creating a mastermind for success and quests for knowledge from rare individuals with clear thinking, moral insight, and above average experiences in the business of giving. Dr. Gray Keller is that rare individual in the non-profit industry whose goal is to engage, educate and empower others.  Because of Dr. Keller sharing his time and knowledge, the Melvin Henry Center has a moral mastermind for success and a history of successful hands on service for the needs of others.  

Measurable outcomes of Dr. Keller sharing his time and knowledge include Melvin Henry Center’s creation of the Mission Ambassador Program and our Attitude of Gratitude page. However, Dr. Keller’s greatest contributions to Melvin Henry Center are the philosophy of servant leadership and the importance of measurable outcomes. A primary cause of failure is choosing the wrong teachers/role models during adversity but Melvin Henry Center found winning philosophies and ethics in Dr. Keller’s daily blog ( ) and his in depth responses to numerous lengthy emails on various topics. 

Neil Bowers
Dr. Gray Keller