​Melvin Henry Center’s Radio Sponsorship for the Panhandle initiatives supports accredited job training for veterans and local employers, energy conservation and weatherization services to low income families, and community outreach activities for all adults and senior citizens. Your sponsorship less the value of goods and services received is tax deductible as allowed by law. Melvin Henry Center is a 501 (c) (3) registered Public Charity.  

FEATURED on Radio: 96.3 & WCHA AM 800/1400; True Oldies Station

* 18 Radio Commercials Per Month
* 20 Seconds Per Commercial

Additional Print, Internet, and Event Advertising
Company name and Logo on 2 Melvin Henry Center Events Sponsors Page located at www.melvinhenry.org and Facebook page
* Logo on Melvin Henry Center Home Web Page during sponsorship
* Sponsor Introductions during annual Board of Directors Meeting and 1 Community Outreach Event

Total Sponsorship per Month: $900.00*

Coverage Area and Event Audiences
Coverage map of radio sponsorship and Melvin Henry Center community event advertising occurring in Western MD, PA, WV, and VA include major cities such as: 1) Shippensburg, 2) Gettysburg, 3) Frederick, 4) Hagerstown, 5) Charlestown, 6) Martinsburg, 7) Cumberland, 8) Altoona, 9) Waynesboro, 10) Gettysburg, 11) State College, 12) Hancock

Radio Demographics

Employment/Income: 38% employed full time; 72% of WCHA listeners are Homeowners and 31% have incomes of 75,000+.
Education: 23% HS Grads with 35% Some College. 30% earned College Degree or more and 10% have earned less than 12th grade education.
Age/Gender: 56% are female and 78% of listeners are between ages 45-65.

Total circulation
The support of Corporate Sponsorship Program provides approximately 102,000 individuals in the WV, MD, and PA Panhandle with knowledge of the goods and services offered by our sponsors and Melvin Henry Center’s Mission, community outreach initiatives, and occupational programs.

Proceeds from Corporate Sponsorships used to create, implement, and sustain programs and projects that support Melvin Henry Center’s Mission.

*$550.00 per month is Tax Deductable
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Tax Deductible Radio Sponsorships for the West Virginia  Panhandle
True Oldies FM 96.3 & AM 800/1400 WCHA
Walter Zimmerman; Executive Director
Melvin Henry Melvin Henry Center