Melvin Henry Center is an IRS recognized Public Charity operating a thrift shop in which 100% of the work is performed without compensation. All donations to Melvin Henry Center are tax deductible and provide relevant use for our efforts to fulfill our mission and vision.
Volunteer Opportunities
Melvin Henry Center Volunteers serve Maryland and West Virginia communities by laboring for the public's free and open access to clothes, shoes, food and other house hold items and completing fundraisers for the final renovations to our workforce skills training lab. Volunteers supporting the receipt, gifting, and resale of donated items gain marketable work experiences and are the corner stone for sustaining Melvin Henry Center’s business of giving in various communities in need. Please consider one of the following areas in need of volunteers and begin your individualized volunteer experiences by Clicking Here or 
Contact Walt at 301.807.5464
Melvin Henry Center’s mission is to serve all adults by expanding access to workforce skills training and safe on the job learning experiences; Our Vision is to increase the number of employment, small business, and living options available to adults in need by renovating and maintaining abandoned properties for use as accredited trades training laboratories, historical curatorships, and independent living facilities. 
Thrift Shop and Retail Sales

Melvin Henry Center is an IRS recognized Public Charity that operates a thrift ship in which all the work is performed by volunteers and without compensation. More than 40% of Melvin Henry Center’s revenue results from the free market use of selected gifts or contributions. 100% of the proceeds from thrift shop sales are used to sustain open and free access to clothes, shoes, toys, and food.

Volunteer Tasks Include

1. Regularly scheduled hours
2. Monitor open and free access to     donated 
3. Process, Price, and Tag selected     merchandise and donations
4. Keep work area and surrounding area     neat
5. Receive and sort donated items
6. Compute sales prices, total purchases,     and inventory
7. Answer questions regarding Melvin     Henry Center, donations, and     merchandise.
8. Communicate with customers and other     individuals to answer questions,     disseminate or explain information
9. Adhere to regulations for ensuring     safety during fundraising and     recreational activities

Online Merchants

Melvin Henry Center receives numerous antiques and collectible items that are used to create marketable work experiences for individuals willing to volunteer from home and who are seeking hands on experiences in online sales and marketing. Proceeds from the online sale of thrift shop items and unique collectables are used to fund the renovations necessary to begin free and open access to workforce skills training and our accreditation by the National Center for Construction Education Research and Interstate Renewable Energies Council. Current collectible items for sale on line may be found by CLICKING HERE

Volunteer Tasks Include

1. Fill customer orders by packaging sold items and     documentation for direct shipping 
2. Receive and process payments from customers,     using electronic transaction services.
3. Create, manage, or automate orders or invoices,     using order management or invoicing software.
4. Deliver e-mail confirmation of completed     transactions and shipment.
5. Correspond with online customers via electronic     mail, telephone, or other electronic messaging to     address questions or complaints about products,     policies, or shipping methods.
6. Solicit new or used items from online or physical     sources for resale via retail or auction Web site.
7. Determine and set product prices.
8. Calculate purchase subtotals, taxes, and shipping     costs for submission to customers.
9. Compose descriptions of merchandise for posting     to online storefront, auction sites, or other     shopping Web sites.
10. Compose images of products, using video or still     cameras, lighting equipment, props, or photo or     video editing software.

Event Planner Assistants

Current measurable outcomes for Melvin Henry Center’s presence in the Inwood community include the re-use of over 1,500 pieces of clothing. All clothes, shoes, and select household items are free to those who ask after completing a Melvin Henry Center Home Goods Voucher Form.. Proceeds from all fundraising events are used to sustain Melvin Henry Center’s presence through gifting and the sharing of resources in local communities.  

Volunteer Tasks Include

1. Enforce rules and regulations of     recreational facilities to maintain     discipline and ensure safety.
2. Support the management of daily     operations of recreational facilities.
3.Promote interest and participate in     recreational activities such as arts, crafts,     sports, games, camping, and hobbies.
4. Greet new arrivals to activities,     introducing them to other participants,     explaining facility rules, and encouraging     participation.
5. Supervise and coordinate the work     activities of personnel, such as training     staff members and
    assigning work duties.
6. Confer with management to discuss and     resolve participant complaints.
7. Explain principles, techniques, and safety     procedures to participants in recreational     activities, and demonstrate use of     materials and equipment.

All volunteer tasks relevant to ONET Employment Code 15-1134.00.